Mumbai Tour

Tourist Spots In and Around Mumbai

There is something about Mumbai that makes it a city of dreams. This paradise of dreams attracts a large inflow of travelers from all over the globe. The city has ample of sightseeing locales to keep tourists entertained throughout the year. The city is quite magnanimous comprising of servicemen, actors, fantasists, mobsters, fisher folk and many other people who ignite the life of Mumbai. Apart from embodying Asia’s biggest slums (Dharavi), the city is equally plush with a dignified inexhaustible film industry (Bollywood) inherent in it. Mumbai is very rightly termed as the financialthrust of India, and is also the nation’s fashion epicenter. In a nutshell, the city has an optimal mix of everything, good enough to make a traveler’s vacation a glorified one.

There is no iota of doubt as to why Mumbai has become the city to formallyintroduce hordes of first-time travelers to India. The city has an superb public transport, grand architecture par excellence, and many sight-seeing places for all the travelers to explore in and around it. Ranging from theexclusive bazaars, heritage temples, cosmopolitan restaurants and one of the best nightlife in the world, Mumbai truly is filled with energy and fun.

Sightseeing Spots in Mumbai:

The Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba

This is undisputedly Mumbai’s most celebrated landmark, aptly inheriting anenchantedcomposite of Renaissance and Mughal cuisine. Its heritage structure built in 1903 that still remains a treat to be watched. Very unfortunately, this heritage 5-star hotel did come in the news due to the 2008 terrorist attacks.

Elephanta Cave

Just at a stone’s throw from Gateway of India lies yet another heritage structure famously known as the Elephanta Island. This Unesco World Heritage Site has maze of cave temples that embodies some of the best temple carvings intriguing for every fellow-traveler to view.

  • Shree Siddhivinayak Temple

  • ISKCON Temple- Mumbai

  • Marine Drive – Queen’s Necklace

  • Mount Mary Church

  • CST Terminus

  • Prithvi Theatre

Apart from these places, Mumbai also invites you to embark on boat tours or to take up cycle rides to cherish the city’s cosmopolitan flavor even better.