Matheran Tour

Matheran Tourist Spots

Matheran is situated near the metropolitan Mumbai and is quiet a getaway for many families on a weekend. The word Matheran in literal sense implies ‘Jungle Above’ which is very true, as it renders relief to many individuals looking out for peace and an escape from the scorching heat, dust and grime in Mumbai and its vicinity. This holiday retreat is ideally a mini patch, aptly topping therugged Sahyadri peak, neatly covered withsheltered forests as well as narrow foot trails.

This holiday destination in the state of Maharashtra is kept away from pollution as there are no vehicles allowed in this tourist spot. This has primarily become its USP in comparison to other tourist spots in the state which allows public and private transportation. As such, Matheran has successfully retained its elegance which has been prevailing since time immemorial. Reaching Matheran is even more pleasurable and brings out the essence of picnicking. Most travelers prefer the toy train that keeps moving, climbing the scenic valleys at a steady pace. As motor vehicles are banned from entering the heart of settlement, this is more preferred mode of transport to Matheran. Horse riding, Rock Climbing, Trekking and many other adventure sports can be carried out at this beautiful hill station freely. There are many locales in Matheran to cherish, some of which are as follows.

Tourist Spots in Matheran:

Echo Point

This one’s a unique spot not only in this hill station but also amongst most hill stations in India. It provides viewers a lovely sight of the settings and is renowned for rendering echoes from the hills nearby in the vicinity.

Charlotte Lake

The vicinity around the lake is perfectly blissful and romantic. Amidst the left hand side of the lake stands the old holy Pisarnath Temple which is an attraction by itself.

  • Sunset Point

  • Panorama Point

  • Louisa Point

  • King George Point

  • Paymaster Park

  • Panthers Caves

  • Coronation Point