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Konkan Tourist Spots

The term Konkan is reminiscent with seashore and coconut trees all around. Its belt is so very beautiful embodying the coastal regions of the state of Maharashtra in India. It is expansive right from the North end of Mumbai to Goa, aptly bordering Maharashtra’s southern tip. Apart from having an enriched Konkani culture, the belt is simply alluring rendering onlookers some of the very best picturesque Indian shores, although some have gained a fair share of commercialization.

The State Government has ensured modes for retaining their immaculateexquisiteness quite successfully. A good drive through the Konkan belt will be entrancingespecially during the rainy season so as to harmonize one with nature. This region in Maharashtra also renders train travelers a scenic view that is just phenomenal. The spectacularsights of swanky greenery around the hills is simply majestic and worth a glimpse during any time of the year.

Beaches in Konkan are sheer fun to travel due to the overwhelming scenic sights as well as the pristine sands and cleanliness afforded to them. Cricket is a favorite game in this part of the world and you will see every localities indulging in the spirits of this game. Following are some spots that are prominently traveled while in Konkan.

Sightseeing Spots in Konkan


This destination is around 165 kms from Mumbai and is integral part of the Konkan belt. Although not in the interiors of the Konkan region, theJanjira fort renders its visitors the taste of the region with fresh seafood and a calm, relaxed lifestyle.

Kunkeshwar Cave

This is one of the auspicious caveswhich give onlookers chance to worship Shiv-linga and Nandi along with Ganesh idol. The walls of the temple are attractively carved on its black rock. A must-see for every tourist.

  • Ganpatipule

  • Rameshwar Temple

  • Tambaldeg Beach

  • Brahmadev Temple

  • Tarkarali

  • Malvan

  • Sindhudurg

  • Ratnagiri

  • Fort Vijaydurg