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Gujarat is widely recognized for its opulentantiquity with values, folklore and legacy. Being aptly mixed withclassicalfreshnessthroughvaried time frame, Gujarat has a perfect blend of Hindu, Islamic and European ethnicities. Its location is strategic, and this has been appreciated by traveling folklore worldwide.Gujarat today stands as a Tourists’ Paradise and one of the fast emerging destinations in India. The Gujarat State Government has strived to make this state flourish through a good influx of commerce, industry and trade, however without disturbing its beauty.

One of the sublime hill station of India - Saputara, is situated in Gujarat with hordes of tourist attractions that widely emphasizes on the Go-green philosophy. From an altitude of 1000 m, the vicinity in and around Gujarat has never looked more beautiful. Surat is the nearest city from Sahyadri range that is graced with cool invigoratingweather and a picturesquevision of the lushgreen valley. The state of Gujarat embraces every emotion with perfection, be it romance or charm or spirituality, in combination with vivacious colors and immeasurable natural beauty. What more, India’s Prime Minister hails from this commercially advanced state with the superstar Amitabh Bachchan being its brand ambassador, and this is huge.

Tourist Spots in and around Gujarat

Somnath Temple

The Somnath Temple is one of the very olden temples of India and is a well-known landmark of India. Being situated around 80 kms from the vicinity of Veraval, this mythological temple of India’s western coast stands tall with beliefs and historical significance optimally combined.

Dwarkanath Temple

This holistic shrine is situated in Dwarka on the coast of river Gomti. It is recognized as Lord Shri Krishna’s kingdom, wherein the place also hosts lots of temples and sacred spots in it.

  • Akshardham Temple

  • Jama Masjid

  • Gir Forest Natural Park

  • City of Ahmedabad

  • City of Vadodara

  • Jamnagar

  • Porbander

  • Rajkot

  • Sasan Giri

  • Surat

  • Mount Abu